At 11/20/2002 08:46 AM, you wrote:

>Have you tried this:

Yeah. That's where you end up from the Sourcefourge site. There's a sample on there 
for a multi-part post, but I'm confused as to how it works.

>Would help if you posted some code, or errors or something. I've used curl
>in several PHP applications successfully.

I'm not getting any errors. And, as I said, I'm just not getting cURL, so as far as 
code, I've been monkeying with just about every example I  could find. But again, I'm 
not asking for debugging of my code, I'm just trying to find something to help me 
understand how the cURL functions in PHP work. 

>Snoopy is actually a really awesome implementation of curl in php:
>I replaced several of my functions with snoopy classes.

Thanks. I'll definitely take a look at that. 

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