I was thinking you'd start at the beginning, displaying row 0 through
row 19, and then have a next link, that will show rows 20 through 39,
and so on.

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> Subject: Listing a table /Limit
> And how would I find out which portion (row number) the row 
> would be in, 
> that I would like to see in a listing?
> <Q>
> Hello, how would I go about listing a portion of a MySQL 
> table, without an 
> overall selection criterium? I have a unique index field, but 
> it's a string 
> and not autoincremented (but manually and with gaps). I just 
> want to go to 
> one particular row (query on that index field) and then list, 
> say, 20 rows 
> before that point and 20 rows after it. So I can create an 
> output of 41 
> rows in a HTML table. Is there something like the dBase SKIP and GOTO 
> command? Should I do a query for each individual row (and get 
> 41 result 
> sets) or can I somehow walk through 1 result set ?
> </Q>

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