I don't think this can be done without ordering the selection first. Then you can do it:
1. you need to find out the value your middle row has in the order column,
2. count rows with smaller value in the order column than your middle row, this is its offset
3. now you can (using the offset) select 20 rows before and after, but you must order your selection by the order column

Marco Bleeker wrote:

And how would I find out which portion (row number) the row would be in, that I would like to see in a listing?

Hello, how would I go about listing a portion of a MySQL table, without an overall selection criterium? I have a unique index field, but it's a string and not autoincremented (but manually and with gaps). I just want to go to one particular row (query on that index field) and then list, say, 20 rows before that point and 20 rows after it. So I can create an output of 41 rows in a HTML table. Is there something like the dBase SKIP and GOTO command? Should I do a query for each individual row (and get 41 result sets) or can I somehow walk through 1 result set ?

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