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> I have a large amount of data to present to the user.  Currently, I am
> putting it in a table and displaying it on the page, if it is more than a
> page of course the page just scrolls.  Is there a way o, without using
> frames, to put all the data from the db in the middle of the page with a
> scroll bar on the side that just scrolls the data, I mean the header and
> footer of the php page do not move?  I am sure I will need javascript for
> this...right?

Not really...

Of course, you can use javascript. (I think somebody just posted--er, kindly
posted--a sample code...)

You can also use CSS to make the header, etc. be "fixed" on different
location of your browser window. However, this approach works only on
browsers that support that css. (e.g. Mozilla-based browsers like N7, etc.
or Opera 6...)

How about another approach using "iframes"? (Personally, I don't like frames
or iframes...) It might work for you.

But then again, the best way IMHO, is to divide your table into different
sections or pages. Do you really need to keep them in one page?

Just some ideas...

- E

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