on 21/11/02 3:00 AM, Edward Peloke ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:

> I have a large amount of data to present to the user.  Currently, I am just
> putting it in a table and displaying it on the page, if it is more than a
> page of course the page just scrolls.  Is there a way o, without using
> frames, to put all the data from the db in the middle of the page with a
> scroll bar on the side that just scrolls the data, I mean the header and
> footer of the php page do not move?  I am sure I will need javascript for
> this...right?

This is certainly not PHP... a combination of javascript + css + a whole lot
of testing on browsers + an understanding that it will break some browsers
might do it.  <iframe>s will do it, <frame>s will too.

Justin French
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