first way:
if(ereg('([^0-9]|^)'.$your_number.'([^0-9]|$)',$_REQUEST['numbers']) )
second way:

Mako Shark wrote:

Sorry to repost this, but I haven't found a solution
and it's still nagging me. Maybe some of you can come
up with something I can't. Here was my original post:

I've made myself an <INPUT TYPE="HIDDEN"> tag that
contains in the value attribute a list of
comma-delimited numbers. I need to find if a certain
number is in these tags (and each file contains one
tag). I need an ereg statement that will let me search
these lines to see if a number exists, obviously in
the beginning or the end or the middle or if it's the
only number in the list. So, say I need #1, I need to
grep each file to find if 1 is in its INPUT
TYPE="HIDDEN" list. Here's what I mean (searching for
number 1):

"1,2,3,4,5"> //beginning

"0,1,2,3,4,5"> //middle

"5,4,3,2,1"> //end

<INPUT TYPE = "HIDDEN" NAME = "numbers" VALUE = "1"> //only

I can't grab all the tags and search for it in PHP
(there would be too many tags to parse through and I'd
rather let the OS handle that). I need to do this at
the operating system level. Does anybody yet have a
solution? I *know* it's possible, but I can't get it
and I've been working on it for days now. This is one
of those really annoying bugs that really grates on a programmer.

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