I think you should really ask at a unix list

Mako Shark wrote:

Heheh. Maybe I wasn't clear, or maybe I'm missing

Well, one way without regex would be to explode()
numbers on a comma and use in_array() to see if
you're value exists.
That should look for your number, preceded by either
the beginning of the string or a comma and followed by either a comma or the end of the string.
I can't use PHP commands to do this. I can only have
an ereg statement, but that has to be placed in a grep
statement. Maybe I should ask a Unix list, but I
figure with the ereg(i) expertise here, this is my
best bet.

By the time my shell_exec() call returns its results,
it should return only those files with the actual
number. At that point, I can't explode() it and start
searching for the number all over again using
in_array() or any other commands. By the time Unix
returns its results, the only thing I can do is carry
on assuming I have only those tags that contain the
number without having to search through the array.

I appreciate the help, but while these commands would
work in some situations, it won't work in mine. The
whole finding-if-it's-in-the-list thing has to happen
in the ereg that I pass to grep.

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