On Wednesday 20 November 2002 20:37, Van Andel, Robert wrote:
> More information would be helpful.  Perhaps the code to the page that is
> causing you trouble (i.e. the one where you are using the class you
> downloaded yesterday).  Perhaps you are missing a key piece there.
> Robbert van Andel

HI Robbert et al..

Below is part of the code. I don't think I should send it all to the list, 
it's quite large. Looking at all this I think that I'm missing a lib for 
graphs. But I can't find anything on my SuSE 8.1 disks. What libs do I need 
for doing graphs?



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> Hi all,,
> I d/l'ed a class for graphs last night. When I got the class working
> instead
> of a line graph I got the netscape symbol for no picture, ie a broken box.
> I
> must have missed something. Could someone give me a clue what I'm doing
> wrong?
> Thanks


require "Color.php";
require "Graph.php";
require "Barchart.php";

$white = new Color(255,255,255);
$blue = new Color(0,0,255);
$red = new Color(255,0,0);
$green = new Color(0,255,0);

$line = new Barchart(500,500,$white);

$ar1 = array(12,13,16,2,5,10,0,1,2,8);
$ar2 = array(20,13,-1,2,23,11,1,3,4,9);
$ar3 = array(11,15,20,12,6,-10,28,30,10,0);

$line->addArray($ar1, $white);
$line->addArray($ar2, $green);
$line->addArray($ar3, $red);


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