getting really annoying one url will work where another one wont

//$formatted_url = preg_replace("/\b((http(s?):\/\/)|(www\.))\b/i", "",
                //$formatted_url =
preg_replace("/\b((http(s?):\/\/)|(www\.))([\w\.]+)([\/\w+\.]+)\b/i", "$5",
                $formatted_url = eregi_replace("^(.{2,6}://)?([^:]*)?([^/]*)?(.*)", 

tried all these dont work

some urls will have http://www. some will only have www. some will have
:1023 for forced ports and they all will have /directory afterwards i just
need for example :|

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> --- electroteque <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > how could i remove http://www. ot of a url string using
> preg_replace?
> No need to reinvent the wheel for this. Just use parse_url() instead:

Or just str_replace(). No need for regular expressions.

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