> Following on from a previous discussion, I am trying to write a "safe"
> strip_tags function.
> I start by applying htmlentities to the entire string, and then convert
> "allowed" tags back.
> One of the steps I am looking at doing is to replace something "<a
> href="blah" onmouseover="blah"&gt;" with "<a href="blah">"
> What would be a good preg_replace string for this?
> Preg_replace('/(&lt;A)/i', '<a', $htmlstring);
> Except I need to keep the href="<anything>" as well as the closing >,
> but drop everything else.
> I will be googling on this too, but a reply from this group is always
> quicker <g>

How about

$new_string = preg_replace('/&lt;a href="([^"]+)".*&gt;/U','< a

Adapt to your needs...

---John Holmes...

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