I don't have the answer, but when that happens, the first thing I do is dig
around in phpMyAdmin(.org)... it's a web based GUI for MySQL, and most of
the time, when you do something (like copy a table), it shows you the query
used to do it... then you just need to copy it, and integrate it into your
php script.

Failing that, this Q really needs to be asked on the mysql list.


on 21/11/02 5:54 AM, Steve Buehler ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:

> Using PHP and MySQL.
> I have looked and can't find the answer to this problem.  What I am trying
> to do is to copy a mysql table to a new table name in a PHP script.  The
> reason for this is to keep the original table the way it is and editing the
> copy.  Now, I know that I can go through a loop reading the old table and
> putting it into the new table, but is there an easier way that would just
> duplicate or copy the mysql table to a new table name?
> The reason for all of this is my script will create the original table (a
> temporary table), populate it, delete what needs to be deleted out of it,
> then I need a copy of that table for a subroutine that will be running
> multiple times and need the same information to start off with.

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