i think you have to have an Options directive set for a particular directory
to turn on or off the directory listing page.  the particular feature in
question is called Indexes.  check out this page for more info:


for example, to disable indexes for the /web/docs folder and its subfolders
you'd use
<Directory /web/docs>
Options -Indexes

good luck

"Conbud" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> Hi. I spent the last 3 days looking through the apache docs to figure out
> how to disable directory listing. I can disable the directory listing to
> images folder but then all the images on the site dont work. I tried using
> Allow from mydomain
> and
> Allow from localhost
> Allow from
> I even tried my machine name but it all keeps blocking the images. My site
> has a dynamic IP so I cant set it to the IP, however I did set it to my IP
> at the time and it all worked great. Is there any other way I may be able
> do this, without just putting a "fake" index.php in all the directories I
> want to protect ?
> Im using Apache 2.0.43 on Mandrake 8.2
> - Lee

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