> I have always had the opinion that the more comments you put into php
> scripts, the slower they will run because there is more data to be read...
> Can someone tell me if there is any truth in this or whether commenting
> absolutely 'no' impact on the performance of a script?

An answer proposed that there was little impact, but then suggested comments
not be used within loops (one presumes from this, the concern is that even a
little impact can mount up when repeated many times).

Why don't you run a microtime testbench to time a commented and an
uncommented loop, settle your mind, and report back with REAL information!?

Computer programming is the embodiment of 'write once, run many' manta.
Comments are no use at all during execution, but should be intended to be of
considerable assistance during the writing/maintaining phases. Never give
anyone an excuse for not writing (meaningful) comments - enough energy
already goes into creative excuses for that - and you may be the next to
suffer from some predecessor's arrogance! There are routines available which
take in a developer's script and output a comment-less, stripped-down for
maximum slipstream, dense code, version - ready for execution.


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