> I have always had the opinion that the more comments you put into php
> scripts, the slower they will run because there is more data to be read...
> Can someone tell me if there is any truth in this or whether commenting
> absolutely 'no' impact on the performance of a script?

If the overhead of the parser removing comments becomes an issue for you,
you'll probably be in the situation where your application is heavy, with
thousands of scripts, and a lot of commenting everywhere.

As said before, the comments only impact the parsing. So, you just have to
implement a "stripcomment" script, that you run when you move your script
from your development server to your production server.

And anyway, this would not be significant, unless you recompile a custom PHP
version where you remove the comment parsing. This would be intereting if
your code was already optimized...

Vincent Vandemeulebrouck

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