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> This now hands me a dilemma ... I was building my site conservatively,
> i.e. assuming the user would have cookies turned off. And so I am making
> heavy use of session variables. *But* I had thought that if the user had
> cookies enabled then the variables would be saved as cookie information,
> hence saving my server a lot of disk reads and writes. Now you have
> shown me the err of my ways ...
> I have to consider rewriting my scripts so that if cookies *are* enabled
> the session information is sent has cookie data. Hum ... I hate
> re-writes ....

I'd leave it as is... this ensures that ALL users can use the site, because
the session id can be passed around in either the URL or cookies... and
enabling trans sid means you don't even have to worry about it... PHP will
use cookies if possible, or else append it to the URLs.

What sort of stuff are you storing in the session that your are worried
about with too many writes?

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