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> I remember seeing threads debating this before, but is there anyway to
> disable/prevent a user from heading back in the browser and getting the
> "WARNING: Page has Expired" notice?

This is more like a diversion around the problem... It will either be
relevant to your problem, or not :)

In particular, I use this to prevent people from refreshing their page (and
hence adding something to the DB twice for example).

Lets say you have form.php, which submits to process.php... the aim is to
have process.php as a server-only script (ie, nothing is sent to the
browser), with a header() redirect to a thankyou.php page once I've added
stuff to the DB, or whatever....

The point is, they'll never see a page expired message in this case, because
the script receiving the POST information never gets to the browser.

This may or may not help, depending on your problem :)

Justin French
Web Development & 
Graphic Design

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