Or if you use GET in your forms, instead of POST, you won't have this

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> on 26/11/02 12:03 AM, Craig ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> > I remember seeing threads debating this before, but is there anyway to
> > disable/prevent a user from heading back in the browser and getting the
> > "WARNING: Page has Expired" notice?
> This is more like a diversion around the problem... It will either be
> relevant to your problem, or not :)
> In particular, I use this to prevent people from refreshing their page
> hence adding something to the DB twice for example).
> Lets say you have form.php, which submits to process.php... the aim is to
> have process.php as a server-only script (ie, nothing is sent to the
> browser), with a header() redirect to a thankyou.php page once I've added
> stuff to the DB, or whatever....
> The point is, they'll never see a page expired message in this case,
> the script receiving the POST information never gets to the browser.
> This may or may not help, depending on your problem :)
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