I would notice the difference, but computers don't understand text, it is just data for them,
and they represent it the same way (there is no special file type for text and binary in
filesystem either). The only difference is in case sensitivity - taken from mysql manual.
You can also store binary objects in text.

Chris Shiflett wrote:

--- Marek Kilimajer <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

BLOB is like TEXT

In what way? BLOB is binary large object. Text is ... text. One is
binary, and the other is ASCII. The only similarity I can think of is
that they both represent data. However, the format is completely

Open up a binary file in a text editor, and then do the same with a
regular text file. I think you will notice a significant difference.
Or, consider the representation of 16 in binary versus ASCII:

binary - 10000
ascii - 0011000100110110

As Sterling mentioned, using addslashes() on binary data is a bad
idea. The same can be said for any string operations intended for
ASCII data.


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