This will replace all versions (open and close) of bold, italicize and 
underline tags with brackets using preg_replace.

   $text = preg_replace("/\[(\/)?([biu])\]/","<\\1\\2>",$text) ;
        - find [                      = "\["
        - match IF slash exists       = "(\/)?"
        - match one of the following  = "([biu])"
        - find ]                      = "\]"

        - matches get put into 'memory' (\\1 \\2) even if not found (ie. slash 
          didn't exist).
        - replace with "< 'first match' 'second match' >"

        - NOTE : in PCRE regexs, brackets and forward-slashes are special
          characters and must be escaped (preceded with a back-slash) when 
          looking for them as regular characters.

Even if you do not know PCRE yet, don't hamstring yourself looking for a 
solution that is too complicated and time-consuming.  EREG does not work very 
well on this type of problem.

Buck up, learn PCRE and use this type of solution (if you find something that 
works for you, use no means does the code above cover every tag 
you 'may' want to use). has a pretty good regular expression checker for PERL-style regexs 
that make PCRE pretty easy. 
     -> Go To: Web Scripting (left menu) 
     -> Cool Tools (right menu)
     -> Regular Expression Inspector (2/3 way down page)


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