Apache 1.3.24, PHP 4.2.2

I am running a php script which executes something like

system("scp -r -S ssh host1:/home/dir host2:/home");

The scp command executes as the apache user, in my case 'nobody'. This does
not work, as the ssh authentication is not set up for user 'nobody' nor
should it be. Setting a different user, as in "scp -r -S ssh
myuser@host1:/home/dir myuser@host2:/home" deosn't work, ssh still tries to
authenticate 'nobody'.

First I tried running apache as a different user, 'apache', after setting up
the rsa keys etc (ssh stuff) for 'apache'. The authentication then works but
there are issues of the 'apache' user having read/write permissions on the
directories host1:/home/dir and host2:/home. I thought that giving the
'apache' user permission to read/write these directories wasn't a very good

Now I am trying to use the apache suEXEC feature to do this, so that my php
script can run as a different user (eg. myuser) who has all the right
permissions and ssh configured. However, so far I have been unsccessful and
suspect that suEXEC will not work with PHP. Does anyone out there have
experience with this? Any advice would be appreciated.



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