suEXEC will only work if PHP is installed as CGI, not Apache module...


> Hi,
> Apache 1.3.24, PHP 4.2.2
> I am running a php script which executes something like
> system("scp -r -S ssh host1:/home/dir host2:/home");
> The scp command executes as the apache user, in my case 'nobody'. This
> not work, as the ssh authentication is not set up for user 'nobody' nor
> should it be. Setting a different user, as in "scp -r -S ssh
> myuser@host1:/home/dir myuser@host2:/home" deosn't work, ssh still tries
> authenticate 'nobody'.
> First I tried running apache as a different user, 'apache', after setting
> the rsa keys etc (ssh stuff) for 'apache'. The authentication then works
> there are issues of the 'apache' user having read/write permissions on the
> directories host1:/home/dir and host2:/home. I thought that giving the
> 'apache' user permission to read/write these directories wasn't a very
> idea.
> Now I am trying to use the apache suEXEC feature to do this, so that my
> script can run as a different user (eg. myuser) who has all the right
> permissions and ssh configured. However, so far I have been unsccessful
> suspect that suEXEC will not work with PHP. Does anyone out there have
> experience with this? Any advice would be appreciated.
> tia,
> Rich

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