Have your page before the email's would actually be sent, submit to a
page with a frameset, in the bottom frame have a height of 1 pixel so
that it's invisible. Then, in your PHP page, add something like:

<script language="javascript">
        parent.topframe.progress.value =

Have that print after every iteration of a mail being sent, and ofcourse
you would have to create the necessary text boxes on your top frame and
everything, but that would make it appear to be working to the user
because the count of email's being sent would keep going up till it was

On Tue, 2002-11-26 at 11:41, ROBERT MCPEAK wrote:
> I'm interested in spawing a new PHP process -- if that's the correct terminology.
> The situation is that I've got a very slow loading page, where, for example, I'm 
>using PHP to send, say, 1000 emails.  The user clicks submit, and, although PHP is 
>firing out the emails, it appears to the user that page is hanging.  I'd like to 
>somehow send that process to the background and let the page load straight-away.
> In another scripting language I've used, this function was called "spawn."
> Do we have something like this in PHP (I know we do!! Just can't find it.) I've 
>looked through the docs but don't see what I'm looking for.
> Thanks in advance.
> -Bob
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