> > I was wondering if this is possible to in PHP ... I am developing an
> > application for a pizza place, where touch typing interface is much
> > than using the mouse, so I was wondering if I can develop an interface
> > a calculator style keypad, and the codes entered (using something like
> > in Perl), are automatically compared to the MySQL database to provide
> > realtime feedback to the user, such as code 32 is hawaian pizza, and
> > the user enters code 32 Hawaian pizza get's displayed as feedback ...
> > then awaits for some other input such as size, etc...
> I can't think of any reason why not. Obviously this won't be a web
> application :) Though a good design could be re-used to form an online
> ordering application also.

You could go one step further and develope it for use with a touch screen
then you could just write it as a web application and run it thru a
full-screen browser :) (Which I have done - using php, mysql and full-screen
IE :) - and is a nice solution for such issues - if feasable).

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