On Wednesday 27 November 2002 03:25, Richard Fox wrote:
> > > To relate this to php, I am ready to give up
> > > trying to make my
> > >
> > > system("scp ......");
> > >
> > > code work, because I will have to give the apache user more permissions
> > > than I am comfortable with.
> >
> > What exactly are the problems you're encountering using scp?
> I created an apache user, which I called apache, and  made sure this user
> could connect to the remote servers and created rsa keys so no passwords
> would be necessary (so my system($cmd) call would work). This is what
> happens when I run scp:


> There is more output, but as you can see the read of the src files failed
> and an empty ibuf is sent. This command line call works if I am a normal
> user for whom I have set up known_hosts and authorized_keys. But the above
> is the result when I run scp as user 'apache'.

Here's what I've used before and it works for me:

In the HOME directory of the apache user I have the usual .ssh/known_hosts 

Then in php, simply:

shell_exec("/usr/bin/scp -i id_dsa_key file_to_send [EMAIL PROTECTED]:/tmp/");

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