My company, as a matter of policy, closes the ftp ports of the servers in the DMZ. 
However, I am not convinced that this is necessary, given the advent of very secure 
ftp servers. I would appreciate any comments on the security of an open ftp port. To 
relate this to php, I am ready to give up trying to make my 

system("scp ......");

code work, because I will have to give the apache user more permissions than I am 
comfortable with. So, I am thinking fo using php's ftp commands instead. I see nowhere 
in the documentation however, if the ftp_connect can be done via the ssh transport 
mechanism. Or, is this unnecessary, and can I use ftp (with plain text user and 
password passed to ftp_login()) on port 21 without worrying about getting hacked? 

muchas gracias


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