Well I might be in the wrong place.  I've also asked in the HTML list
now too but I'm still stuck and need some help.  

This is pretty much as clear as I can make it.  I'm up against a
mental block and even if it's as clear as glass to others I'm dead in
the water and would appreciate some pointers.  I have a bunch of
pieces but can't seem to string them together enough to make it work.

Just trying to build an x-y array of data input fields and then send
them recursive to be used further down the program.  

I can do this fine with a fixed number of columns and rows of user
input but I cannot figure out how to make this happen using a variable
number of columns.  I'm a complete array amateur and would appreciate
a little assistance...

I want it to look something like this:

Name          Temp      Time      Offset    Etc.      As needed...   
process 1    [input]   [input]   [input]   [input]   [inputs] 
process 2    [input]   [input]   [input]   [input]   [inputs] 
process 3    [input]   [input]   [input]   [input]   [inputs] 
process 4    [input]   [input]   [input]   [input]   [inputs]

Right now, for the three *basic* columns, I have the lines below in a
'while' loop.

<INPUT TYPE='text' NAME='temp[]' VALUE='$temp' SIZE='10'
<INPUT TYPE='text' NAME='time[]' VALUE='$time' SIZE='10'
<INPUT TYPE='text' NAME='offs[]' VALUE='$offs' SIZE='10'

But when it comes to adding additional columns that a user
determines are needed, I am lost.  Users might want to add 0, or 4, or
10 additional items...  I would like only that number of usable
input columns be on the input-form, identified for what they contain,
and then be passed to the next page....

Again, many thanks in advance.


On Sun, 24 Nov 2002 23:55:56 -0500, you wrote:

>I'm sorry, but I'm still confused. Can you show us a sample of the data
>in the database and what you want the resulting form to look like for
>that data? Maybe that'll help.
>---John Holmes...


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