Dear all ,
 Hello ! I am a student and going to write a suit of programme . The
producers as follow

 producer 1.
 User A add an new appointment A ( "open Winamp at 2:30 on computer B")
through IE in his local computer A .

 producer 2.
 Computer A send the message to server A through http . The Servlet / which locates on server A receives the message and send message to
computer B (IP or domain name of computer B is given , named
"") .

 producer 3.
 Computer B receives the message from server A through http at 1:01 . It is
expected to implement the new added appointment A ( "open Winamp at 2:30 on
computer B" ) at given time .

 I know what to implement the producer 1 and 2. However , I don't know how
to implement producer 3. Do you mind to tell me how to make a PHP programme
to execute a centian routine at a given time ? Thank you !

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