PHP itself does not have any facility for running things according to a
schedule in the way you describe.  It looks like you need to run some
additional software using cron (or your operating system's equivalent).
Unix systems have a command called "at" which can be used to execute
things at specific times, but what it actually executes is still a
problem.  If you want to be able to launch programs on external
machines, there are security issues which must be addressed as well.

And what does "centian" mean?

On Fri, Nov 29, 2002 at 01:18:16AM +0800, Jonathan wrote:
> Dear all ,
>  Hello ! I am a student and going to write a suit of programme . The
> producers as follow
>  producer 1.
>  User A add an new appointment A ( "open Winamp at 2:30 on computer B")
> through IE in his local computer A .
>  producer 2.
>  Computer A send the message to server A through http . The Servlet /
> which locates on server A receives the message and send message to
> computer B (IP or domain name of computer B is given , named
> "") .
>  producer 3.
>  Computer B receives the message from server A through http at 1:01 . It is
> expected to implement the new added appointment A ( "open Winamp at 2:30 on
> computer B" ) at given time .
>  I know what to implement the producer 1 and 2. However , I don't know how
> to implement producer 3. Do you mind to tell me how to make a PHP programme
> to execute a centian routine at a given time ? Thank you !

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