> I would like to use OpenSSL to send encrypted information to a browser.
> The information would be encrypted to a public key that has its private
> counterpart installed in the browser. The idea is that the information
> would be decrypted automatically, but only when the destination browser
> has the right private key installed.

Most people would leave apache (usually with mod_ssl) to handle the
encryption over https. Im not even sure if you could do what I think you
are asking without controlling the whole http communication (as the whole
thing is SSL wrapped, or none of it).

> Would it be possible to us header("Content-type: multipart/encrypted"),
> since it is originally meant for messages?

I think you need to look into one of the following:

- Handling the requests yourself by listening to port 80 (not advisable -
php wasnt built for that sort of task, but its possible)
- Using ssl certificate pairs and installing them in a custom manner on
the apache installation
- Alternative methods

PS: if your not using apache, I cant help you at all. Others may.

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