"Chris Hewitt" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> Andy Davey wrote:
> >There are two httpd config files, one of which is default, i take it that
> >the one you edit?
> >I know it is something simple, which is why i cannot se it!
> >
> There should only be one. I suggest you put some rubbish into one and
> restart apache. If it does not complain then it is not the one apache is
> looking at.
> If you have php compiled as a DSO then you will also need the LoadModule
> line.
> Chris
> PS Please copy replies to the list.

Can i type anything into the file or should it be code, you will have to
treat me a a total novice, i only started reading the book yesterday so i am
not sure of the jargon yet.

Also compiled as a DSO?
Hmm.. not typed LoadModule...
but the book which is PHP & MySQL for dummies BTW, whcih is about right,
says nothing about that.


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