On Saturday 30 November 2002 5:32 pm, Andy Davey wrote:
> Hi Phil
> It took me a while to get the local host to show the apache welcome screen,
> but now that I have I am still unable to see the page, I have the file
> saved on my desktop, should I have the test.php file saved anywhere else?
> I created the file in Dreamweaver MX, and saved it as test.php not sure if
> this can give you any clues?
> Andy
There's your problem.
Assuming you haven't messed about too much with the apache config, your php 
file needs to live inside apache's htdocs directory. Can't remember exactly 
where that would be on a windows box - something like c:/program files/apache 
group/apache/htdocs maybe.

Phil Driscoll

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