On Saturday 30 November 2002 03:14 pm, you wrote:
> On Sunday 01 December 2002 03:54, Jeffrey B.Ferland wrote:
> > std_layout("Title here", list_writings(poetry))
> >
> > both std_layout and list_writings are user-defined functions.
> > std_layout() echo's the two arguments that it takes at select points in
> > its execution. I want to the output of list_writings()  to be an argument
> > for std_layout().
> Hmm, what's the problem then?
> Functions take any valid expressions as arguments. If list_writings()
> returns a valid expression then you should have no problems at all.

For reference, see http://autocracy.homelinux.org/template.php and 

template.php is the proper layout, and uses the same code as 
error.php, with the exception that "LEFT SIDE TEXT" has been replaced with 
'list_writings(poetry)'. Note that the output from that function occurs where 
it was placed within the code, not where it was called to...

Basically, instead of the output from list_writings(poetry) being passed to 
the function, it simply executes.


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