On Sunday 01 December 2002 04:43, Jeffrey B.Ferland wrote:
> For reference, see http://autocracy.homelinux.org/template.php and
> http://autocracy.homelinux.org/error.php

Unless you have a good reason to do otherwise please post your code here. 
People would be less inclined to help if they have to go about clicking on 
links to see what your problem is.

> template.php is the proper layout, and uses the same code as
> error.php, with the exception that "LEFT SIDE TEXT" has been replaced with
> 'list_writings(poetry)'. Note that the output from that function occurs
> where it was placed within the code, not where it was called to...

1) Do you really mean list_writings(poetry), or did you in fact mean 

> Basically, instead of the output from list_writings(poetry) being passed to
> the function, it simply executes.

2) How did you conclude that? Did you check that 
list_writings(poetry)/list_writings($poetry) gives the correct result? IE 
echo list_writings(poetry)/list_writings($poetry) ?

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