Thanks a lot Chris that was a great help.

The date is in the last part of the filename. In the example I have
posted below:

Ministry is the name of the club.
Full is the type of the content.
6122002 is the date - It is in the form ddmmyyyy so the example here is
6th December 2002.

Is there a simple way I can just grab the date and sort it by order?
Should I change the format of the date to make it easier or something?

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On Sat, 30 Nov 2002, Randum Ian wrote:

> I have a directory of files which are split up into sections based on
> 'full', 'summary' and 'competitions'. This is shown in the filename as
> follows:
> I want to be able to search thru the dir looking for all the 'full'
> files, then sorting them by date and including them in my html page in
> date order.

To get an array full of the file names you want:

$interestingFiles = array();
$dir = opendir( "/path/to/directory" ) or die( "Could not open dir" );
while( $dirEntry = readdir( $dir ) ){
  if( ereg( "full", $dirEntry) ){
   array_push( $interestingFiles, $dirEntry );

I'll leave it up to you to sort $interestingFiles by the date in the
element values, since I don't recognize a date in your file-naming


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