Would it just be easier to do it by file last modified date then?

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> Thanks a lot Chris that was a great help.
> The date is in the last part of the filename. In the example I have
> posted below:
> Ministry is the name of the club.
> Full is the type of the content.
> 6122002 is the date - It is in the form ddmmyyyy so the example here
> 6th December 2002.

Date format is best set as YYYY-MM-DD, but most importantly having
0's. Ministry as in Ministry of Sounds?

> Is there a simple way I can just grab the date and sort it by order?
> Should I change the format of the date to make it easier or something?

Anyway, the easiest thing I can think of is to run a regex enumerating
the files that are marked "full" and then sorting them from there by
out the different dates. Even then, it'll take a good deal of coding...


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