I actually spent all day last Wednesday for looking for such a tool to
integrate into a web hosting control panel we've built, but there really
isn't a good one out there. PerlDesk is a free one that is template based,
yet it's lacking a few features. At work, we use Response Tracker v2 (RT)
which is also Perl based, but the template engine is nightmare to give it a
new look. It has everything you mention below, but the interface and
installation is the drawbacks.

So, I spent my Thanksgiving weekend working on PHP port of RT2 which at the
moment is able to authenticate technicians, create a new ticket,
reply/comment to tickets, activity logging, queue stats, and a few other

I haven't done the client side yet, but shouldn't be too hard since the DB
schema is complete and I can safely reuse templates in the technician screen
for the client area with a small bit of changing out the WHERE clauses in
the SQL querying.

The DB layer is ADODB so it can be ported over to PostGreSQL later on.
Smarty is the template class I'm using with custom error pages on all
errors, warning, or notices.

Until the web interface is hardened, then I'll work on email parser to pipe
it into database and parse MIME attachments. . . I'd like to see it evolve
into something like cyracle.com where there is a knowledge base in which the
visitor can rummage through before submitting in a ticket.

"Thomas Seifert" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> Hi folks,
> I already searched through the web but couldn't find any which provide the
features I want.
> What I would want to see in such a system:
> - adding TroubleTickets through webinterface or sending an email to an
support email-address
> - adding answers to troubletickets to their parent
> - nice admininterface to answer support-requests and add comments (not
sent to visitors)
> - open/close/stalled/bogus ... and so on tags for the system
> - ...
> So the question is, does anyone know any good
troubleticket/helpdesk-systems written in PHP?
> Thanks,
> Thomas

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