what abou using action=questions instead of questions=1, then you can use array:
$links=array('questions'=>"Questions link content will go here",
'samples'=>"Samples link content will go here", ................

echo $links[$_GET['action']]

this would be neater.

Troy May wrote:

Thanks for responding. I think I'm still doing something wrong. Take a

if(isset($_GET['questions'])) {
echo "Questions link content will go here";
elseif(isset($_GET['samples'])) {
echo "Samples link content will go here";
elseif(isset($_GET['rates'])) {
echo "Rates link content will be here";
elseif(isset($_GET['contact'])) {
echo "Contact information will go here.";
} else {
echo "Main content goes here.";

The only thing that EVER gets displayed is the final else. (Main content
goes here.) What am I doing wrong? Once again, the links are in this
format: <a href="index.php?samples">

Any ideas?

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I'm sure this is easy, but I'm drawing a blank. I need to have links


bottom of the page that passes arguments to the same script (itself)


gets reloaded. How do we do this?

I have the links like this now:

<a href="index.php?samples">

How do I determine what is passed? I need to do an "if" statement


different outputs depending on the argument.

if ($samples) { do something }

{ do something }

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