Thanks for this,
I understand how to update in date in database, but I need when I get date
from database to increase or decrease before to save in database.

Can you help me for this ?

"John W. Holmes" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> > I want to get date from database, to increment ot decrement it with
> some
> > days, to show the date and after thath
> > if user confirm it to save it to database.
> There are a ton of ways you can do it. You can select the date and it's
> inc/dec value in the same statement:
> SELECT datecol, datecol + INTERVAL 1 DAY FROM yourtable WHERE ...
> Display whatever you need, if the user agrees to the new day, then issue
> an update query:
> UPDATE yourtable SET datecol = datecol + INTERVAL 1 DAY WHERE ...
> To make those queries dynamic, you can replace the '1' with a variable
> and assign it's value in PHP to either -1, 1, 2, 3, etc...
> $inc = -1;
> UPDATE yourtable SET datecol = datecol + INTERVAL $inc DAY WHERE ...
> Or...
> You can select out the date you have now, use strtotime() to make it
> into a unix timestamp (which PHP works with), and date() to format it
> however you want. If the user approves the new date, you can reformat
> the unix timestamp back to a YYYY-MM-DD format with date() or use
> FROM_UNIXTIME() in your query to insert/update the new date into the
> database...
> ---John Holmes...

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