Hello guys

I'm trying to do a simple task: upload files.  However, when I try to upload files 
other than text/plain ones I get an empty $_FILES array.  Is there anything I've got 
to modify in my php.ini file?  I'm just following the expample in the php manual, the 
only thing different is that I process the upload task with a function:

function upload_file($_POST, $_FILES)
  //The same code as in the php manual
  return true;  //If everything went ok

if (upload_file($_POST, $_FILES))
   echo "The file has been uploaded";
   echo "Sorry, try again";

It works fine with text/plain files, so, am I overlooking anything here?

Thanks a lot

                         Wilmar Pérez
                     Network Administrator
                       Library System
                      Tel: ++57(4)2105962
                    University of Antioquia
                       Medellín - Colombia

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