Because its better to have someone waste time trying known hacks for a
platform I don't have than to have the same person not know the platform and
start spending time figuring out what it is right off the bat.

Larry S. Brown
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Why not just make up an extension, like your initials (.lsb) or your
business name (.dim or .dni), and set-up apache to pipe all those files
through PHP...??

That way they'll have no clue at all (if used in conjunction with the "hide
PHP" stuff, etc etc).


on 03/12/02 4:13 PM, Larry Brown ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:

> This should bump up my popularity here...can you run asp on apache?  The
> reason I ask is that I understand you can use a php option to hide the
> that you are running php.  This sounds like a good idea to keep people
> guessing, but I also want to use .asp extensions and have them parsed for
> the php tags.  I thought this would be nice if someone wanted to screw
> a site they wouldn't even be trying tools that would apply.  However, if
> can't run asp on apache nobody would be fooled.  Any thoughts?
> Larry S. Brown
> Dimension Networks, Inc.
> (727) 723-8388

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