>> [Larry Brown]
>> Because its better to have someone waste time trying known hacks for a
>> platform I don't have than to have the same person not know
>> the platform and
>> start spending time figuring out what it is right off the bat.

> [Mike Ford]
> Well, if you *really* wnat to get hem going, you could send .jsp and
> .cfm (and any others you can think of) through PHP as well!!

If your gong down that road, you could use an arbitrary extension to pipe
through php so that at the simplist level (the URL) the technology isnt
misinformed (eg: .cfm as cold fusion), but at a blank completely, eg:


With .script being parsed by php, but the outside world not knowing what
technology you are using behind the scenes. Very simple, yet very
effective way of blindfolding the end user.

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