Hello all

Currently I have a web fom that has 3 field in it that I want writing to a multidimensional array.

<TD><INPUT TYPE="text" NAME="address[]" VALUE=""></TD>
<TD WIDTH="50" ALIGN="center"><INPUT TYPE="text" NAME="address[]['state']" VALUE="" SIZE="5" MAXLENGTH="5"></TD>
<TD COLSPAN="2"><INPUT TYPE="text" NAME="address[][]['zip']" VALUE=""></TD>

in my page that processing this I have currently:

while(list($key,$value) = each($address)) {
echo "$value ";
else {
while(list($key,$value1) = each($value)) {
echo "$value1 ";
else {
while(list($key,$value2) = each($value1)) {
echo "$value2";
echo "<BR>";

To read through it... I know there has to be a simpler way that I am missing. This way will not let me sort very well from what I see either.

Thank you in advance.

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