> take a look at the following code
> basic problem is, it works with the custom build string in the script
> not if get the code from a file.
> I allways used ereg_replace but after installing a newer version of
> (4.2.2) it became very slow, so now I'm trying preg_replace
> please help !!!
> kind regards Jeroen olthof,
> <?php
> $opentag = '<!-- #LOOP-START:aaa -->';
> $closetag = '<!-- #LOOP-END:aaa -->';
> // building the string in this script will give the wanted result
> $string = '<?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-1"?>';
> $string .= '</html>';
> // building the string from a text file won't give the wanted result;
> // uncomma the next file for testing
> // $string = implode(false,@file('./loadlooptest2.html'));
> echo "<p>--result------------------</p>\n\n\n";
> echo $result = preg_replace("/.*$opentag(.*)$closetag.*/",
> echo "\n\n\n<p>--modified----------------</p>\n\n\n";
> echo $modified_template = ereg_replace("$opentag.*$closetag",
> '{replaced}',
> $string);

Well, that string and the file aren't exactly the same. The file has
newlines in it, the string you're creating does not. So in the string,
it's all on the same line, while it's on separate lines in the file.

Preg_replace may be looking for that pattern on a single line. The /m
modifier may help in this circumstance, I'm not sure though. 

---John Holmes...

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