My company is looking to move our site away from Cold Fusion due to
the cost. We had talked about JSP, but I would highly prefer PHP.
After evaluation, with the generic database functions now supporting
Oracle in CVS, I think this might be a possibility. However, there are
2 concerns I have in converting from Cold Fusion.

1) Application variables
2) Cached queries

I've seen some solutions to both problems, but mainly I want the
solution to meet one and ideally both of the following qualifications.
First, I don't want to have to use an add in module. I'd like to only
use core PHP functions and modules that are part of the full PHP
distribution and not SRM or other add-on modules. Second, I'd prefer
not to have to serialize the results, save as a file, and read the
file as updates would seem to become more difficult on higher load
systems with having to update files. Updates to our cached queries and
application variables generally only occur a few times a day.

These issues above as well as things like not being able to centrally
configure a database connection by using an alias for the name are
areas PHP lacks in comparision to Cold Fusion. Our CF application gets
installed at client sites. Using PHP, it would require a code change
in a db connect file to change the DB connection information where it
really should be configurable in a central PHP conf file.

Even with this being said, I'd like to use PHP for our application if
the 2 issues above can be resolved.

Thanks in advance,

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