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> These issues above as well as things like not being able to centrally
> configure a database connection by using an alias for the name are
> areas PHP lacks in comparision to Cold Fusion. Our CF application gets
> installed at client sites. Using PHP, it would require a code change
> in a db connect file to change the DB connection information where it
> really should be configurable in a central PHP conf file.

If you're installing the App on various servers, clearly there needs to be
SOME form of configuration upon installation... the document root could be
in a different place, the database username and password stuff could be
different, permissions could be different, etc etc.

Generally this is achieved with an include()'d file, which keep all your
config vars in one spot.

Since a heap of my sites run on shared servers, I don't like the idea of
central shared configs -- well, at least not above the config settings in
php.ini and at .htaccess level.

Speaking of which, PHP can be configured to automatically include a certain
file at the top and bottom of every script that gets run.

I think the php.ini directive is auto-prepend, or something like that...

Perhaps this also address' your application variables question too?

> Even with this being said, I'd like to use PHP for our application if
> the 2 issues above can be resolved.

I'm not up-to-speed with CF, so I can't address your exact issues, but I
know that there are thousands of large enterprise sites running PHP (yahoo
for example), so there MUST be a way to achieve everything you need.

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