Wednesday, December 4, 2002, 4:01:07 AM, you wrote:
>> Ive just been getting myself deep into using sessions.
>> Sessions are working as it should except for one condition.
>> Say I log into the site, and the session is started, and I don't do
>> anything for the next 30 mins, then go back to the site.
>> Im temporarily logged out, but because the session cookie is still
JWH> good,
>> the next page load logs me back in.
>> How do the people who use sessions handle this type of scenario??

JWH> Whether your logged back in or not is dependant on your program. Once
JWH> you are gone for over X minutes, your session file is deleted. So, even
JWH> though the cookie is still good, the session will not have any data.
JWH> What's usually done is to check for a certain session value, like
JWH> $_SESSION['logged_in'] and if it's present, then continue, otherwise
JWH> force the user to log back in again.

JWH> ---John Holmes...

Not quite that simple as the cleanup proccess may not have run and the data is
still sitting there, I use msession so I am not sure if the normal session stuff
will return expired data after it expires and before it is deleted....msession
does so I hacked it to cleanup if expired data is requested.


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