Wednesday, December 4, 2002, 1:59:11 PM, you wrote:

JWH> Okay. I think I thought you were the original poster. How do you know
JWH> it's returning "stale" data, though? If the cookie is valid, and there
JWH> is still a session file (or data in memory), then why is it stale or
JWH> expired. Maybe I'm just missing something here. If it's expired because
JWH> you think it's too old, then you track your own timestamps and do your
JWH> own cleanup. Is that what you're saying? 

Yes exactly, common problem is someone logs in but doesn't log out and the
session is open to everyone, session timeout is supposed to help prevent these
cases or at least reduce the chance. But of course the main use of session
timeout is to frustrate developers who take more than 40 mins to suss out the
next bit of code ....

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