Hello, I am the creator of eNetwizard Content Management Server, an open
source content management system using the LAMP suite.  I am getting
ready for its first major release and have come across some problems
that I need to address first...  I'm not really sure where to start this
is such a *huge* project...

Some preliminary information about the project can be found here:


Content is stored as XML in files within a matrix folder.  eNetwizard
defines several scopes allowing templates and content to be generated on
the fly in a scopeable manner.  For example, any website at
enetwizard.net has the same look and feel because of the domain scope
matrix file; I have made this file publicly accessible if you go here:


Another scope is the page scope which is where the main content for a
page is located, so for the default page at enetwizard.net, it looks
like this file:


This allows the server to automatically assemble and render content in a
variety of formats as you can see here:

http://www.enetwizard.net/default.exml   (as XML)
http://www.enetwizard.net/default.ehtml  (as HTML)

This is the main idea behind "general content" stored by the server --
there are other ways of doing things that are even more advanced but
they will not be discussed here.  In order for this to work, I created
an xmldoc class that can assemble all of the files together and create
the file accordingly.  It is then outputted via the server class.
Examples of these files are here:


Worth noting, the matrix files can contain PHP code, which is evaluated
in the xmldoc class to create an actual XML document.  These two classes
are in their elementary forms.  And they already have more issues than
can be tolerated for such an advanced content management system.  First
of all, I cannot use the & character anywhere because of the fact it is
an XML file.  This creates a serious problem and must be addressed.
Secondly, any errors that exist in a matrix file will effectively break
the page.  This too is a major issue that muse be addressed, especially
since it conflicts with the website wizard (which is responsible for
managing existing and new content).

I believe there must be a smarter way to do this and I would like any
feedback one might have in this arena.  I believe using regex's might be
a better solution, especially since some unique tags, such as a <WIZARD>
tag must replace be replaced by the xmldoc class with the actual content
of the wizard it is referencing, same scenario for the <OBJECT> tag
(which are customizable web applications), etc.  At present this cannot
work the way I have it set up.

I cannot make a public release until this is fixed stably and fully
productive.  I am looking for someone who can help me with this XML
stuff, and other competent programmers who would like to volunteer for
this project.  And I'm always interested in those who can translate both
the localization files (eNetwizard supports any language) and the main
network (enetwizard.net) into other languages.  Please contact me if you
can help.  Thanks!

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask them.

Robert Samuel White
eNetwizard Technical Services
284 Walnut
Highland, Michigan  48357
+1 (248) 889-6363

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