Have you checked:

Browser versions? (is the browser the same type/version as on the other
Is it a laptop? If so, are you using the internal keyboard with Numlock on?
Is the machine in question set-up on the network correctly, i.e. has it got
domain, gateway addresses etc setup - this would only affect it if the
Intranet server is set-up to only allow a certain range of IP addresses or
doamin/hostnames etc.



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I know, PHP is executed server side, so it shouldn't matter about the
computer, but...

I've got a basic log in script that takes username and password and does the
typical SELECT to find a match. If it's good, it sets some session variables
and redirects to a main page, otherwise redirects back to the login page
with an error message.

The script works from all computers but one. The login page will come up,
but no matter what, it says the username and password are bad. They are
correct though, caps lock isn't on, etc. I've cleared the cookies and cache
and it still does the same thing.

The script is on an intranet. One computer that had this issue was fixed by
using https://computername.company.army.mil instead of just
https://computername. But for this computer, both addresses give the same

So, I'm sure it's not the PHP script, so I'm looking for ideas of what I
should check, settings wise, on the client computer? Any help is greatly

---John Holmes...

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