Tuesday, December 10, 2002, 2:31:48 AM, you wrote:
>> Have you checked:
>> Browser versions? (is the browser the same type/version as on the other
>> machines)
>> Is it a laptop? If so, are you using the internal keyboard with Numlock
1JWH> on?
>> Is the machine in question set-up on the network correctly, i.e. has it
1JWH> got
>> domain, gateway addresses etc setup - this would only affect it if the
>> Intranet server is set-up to only allow a certain range of IP addresses or
>> doamin/hostnames etc.

1JWH> Browser's are the same (128bit). It's not a laptop. The web page can pull up
1JWH> any other external web page correctly.

1JWH> What gets me is that the computer can pull up the log in page. It can pull
1JWH> up another, unprotected page from that web server. But, no matter who tries
1JWH> to log in from that machine, I get a bad username and password, even though
1JWH> they are right. It's like the browser is sending bad data to a script that
1JWH> works fine from every other computer.

1JWH> Anyone else have any other ideas?

1JWH> ---John Holmes...

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>> Sent: 05 December 2002 14:10
>> To: php-general
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>> Subject: [PHP] Script not working from one computer
>> I know, PHP is executed server side, so it shouldn't matter about the
>> computer, but...
>> I've got a basic log in script that takes username and password and does
1JWH> the
>> typical SELECT to find a match. If it's good, it sets some session
1JWH> variables
>> and redirects to a main page, otherwise redirects back to the login page
>> with an error message.
>> The script works from all computers but one. The login page will come up,
>> but no matter what, it says the username and password are bad. They are
>> correct though, caps lock isn't on, etc. I've cleared the cookies and
1JWH> cache
>> and it still does the same thing.
>> The script is on an intranet. One computer that had this issue was fixed
1JWH> by
>> using https://computername.company.army.mil instead of just
>> https://computername. But for this computer, both addresses give the same
>> result.
>> So, I'm sure it's not the PHP script, so I'm looking for ideas of what I
>> should check, settings wise, on the client computer? Any help is greatly
>> appreciated.
>> ---John Holmes...

Could it be adding a (NT) domain suffix to the username or something ?


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